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Check out my newest books and more at Facebook (Arthur Butt The Fantasy SyFi Author). Published by @CleanReads_ and @SummerSolstice6

Milton, Fl.

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Arthur Butt

You like #Defenders Check these gals out. The can defend or kill at the thrust of a sword https://t.co/asmMXpHNCn… https://t.co/FmQqdiEGiR

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Arthur Butt

Tina Fey is actually THE GIRL WHO RODE DRAGONS. Read for the #Weekend its true! https://t.co/D94t8l27iL #WomanPower… https://t.co/eM7cPPidw9

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Arthur Butt

Get some #FridayFeelings for a girl who wants to be a singer https://t.co/2mcgVec3OU #Romance #BlackTwitter… https://t.co/md3x8IB8Lu

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Arthur Butt

Here are 2 #Defenders saving the universe a misstep and one bad joke at a time https://t.co/uAhlp9upWK #AudioBook #Action #YA @CleanReads_

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Arthur Butt

#RejectedCollegeCourses The true story of human Civ. What came before, now and in "2050" https://t.co/vej8ZXmmHl #Terrorism @Solsticepublish

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Arthur Butt

If you're interested Tina Fey is the voice of Morgana De La Fey in #audiobook THE ROD OF REALITY - not https://t.co/E1nuq8bU7w @CleanReads_

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Arthur Butt

Spend the #weekend with Kenya in A KINGDOM BY THE SEA for danger and #Romance https://t.co/2mcgVdUsXm… https://t.co/17NjTxus0I

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Stephen St. Clair

My one stop shop- https://t.co/NnQvA3GTNm #fridayreads

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Arthur Butt

On Friday Eve kick back and listen to a good book ROD OF REALITY now an #AudioBook https://t.co/E1nuq8bU7w #HighEpicFantasy #YA @CleanReads_

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Arthur Butt

#FunFactFriday in THE GIRL WHO RODE DRAGONS I reconstruct 2 of Harold the Great's battles. https://t.co/CXH2odX3cF… https://t.co/wn6cczN4AW

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Arthur Butt

#ThingsNeverSaidOnStarTrek Quick call TROUBLESHOOTER FOR EARTH he'll save us https://t.co/vg2TjOEp7I #StarTrek… https://t.co/a15odMncjP

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Arthur Butt

Waitress by day, bartender by night, Kenya says bring on #ThirstyThursday She'd make ALL the tips… https://t.co/cjCwBYXjFs

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Arthur Butt

#ItsNotACrimeIf you pretend to be a boy and fly on a dragon, right? https://t.co/qQpF0h8YJn #Romance… https://t.co/1r2r3DeTo8

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Tessa Perrick

Oh but I do love a good fight @Impeach_D_Trump Without anger, destruction or hatred! Check out my book! https://t.co/8xrYcYuFM8

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Tessa Perrick

This looks interesting...Best thing I've learned in the last few days, new authors!😀 https://t.co/NWouUxYBRb

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This is what happens when you commit to CW2 with every tie in. You refuse to read #MARVEL... and then this over the… https://t.co/rRsKoedwNt

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Skyler Morgan

New book release! #audible #audiobook #scifi https://t.co/dLneonmVLR

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V Kumar

One of the REASONS for INDIA's COLONIZATION was its strong CIVILIZATION..https://t.co/XdQQZBmBLF #India… https://t.co/T8SuvJ7yXP

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Joshua Rem

#NewRelease The Rufino Factor Book 2: blurring the line between courage and cowardice. #fantasy #humor… https://t.co/SXdNNArNhF

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love U

Jeahhhhhhh #thanks for 1000 #Followers 😄😄👌 #gaming #gamecrawl #ThankYou #follow #youtuber @RetweetOderLike… https://t.co/IxIwzeWJCs

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