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Actor. Singer. Tony winner. Color War champion. Evan Hansen in @DearEvanHansen through 11/19.


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Ben Platt

You'll have an 80 minute life and end up in the trash sawed in half by intermission, but be my guest. https://t.co/SeFusDeNvg

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Ben Platt

Real talk- sometimes you gotta leave out a quick lyric if the choices are take a pause to swallow mucus or cough it up onto the front row.

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Ben Platt

Ding dong one of the many witches (but not the main witch but still a pretty bad witch) is dead

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Ben Platt

Tina Fey for president or cake for president or both

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Ben Platt

Just imagine his impeachment #BePositiveIn4Words

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Ben Platt

Hey #ImpeachTrump also #ImpeachTrump in addition #ImpeachTrump would be great if you could #ImpeachTrump think it's best if we #ImpeachTrump

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Ben Platt

All these #Fansens out here making me cry. https://t.co/WLXAZP3DHz

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Ben Platt

2 readings, 2 workshops, 3 productions and almost 4 years- hard to fathom that's it's nearly time to say goodbye to… https://t.co/GaRbnC4Mel

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Ben Platt

אנו צריכים להפיץ אהבה

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Steven Levenson

Incredible that it now takes political courage to condemn Nazis. More incredible that the president of the United States lacks said courage.

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Ben Platt

I'll work hard to prove it. I love you. https://t.co/l3nApTfKrl

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Ben Platt

Sending love to all the parents trying to explain to their kids that this hatred is not to be tolerated while that man is still president.

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Ben Platt

Young my job. https://t.co/3lrV9FxgIN

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Ben Platt

You're right- I don't think so many Americans have felt effectively degraded as human beings in only 200 days! Sad! https://t.co/FSbKPEoWlz

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Ben Platt

Thank you Barbara Cook for the beautiful songs, the indelible characters, and the masterful storytelling. Heaven must sound glorious today.

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Ben Platt

Hey, Peter. Wherever you are. Please come to @DearEvanHansen so we can all cry it out together. #TheBachelerotteFinale

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Ben Platt

Theatre Kids are the future. https://t.co/lribjgYnlf

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Ben Platt

It's easy to feel helpless in this time of unrest. May I offer some easy and totally doable positive action? Turn your phone off at a show 😊

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Ben Platt

TFW you hear someone sing for the first time and in your head you immediately agree to an arranged marriage

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Ben Platt

THIS IS MY BEST FRIEND https://t.co/qbU49Ak5wQ

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