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Member of Parliament for Great Yarmouth | Minister of State for the Home Office

Great Yarmouth

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Brandon Lewis

Between that & their plans for nationalisation, today’s & tomorrows young people will be repaying Labour’s debt for… https://t.co/yOIMp8SDtx

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Brandon Lewis

A repost of my article on the future of our border & ensuring we welcome people from around the world to the UK https://t.co/j8CmwTNrhb

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Brandon Lewis

Sounds like Labour plan is to raid pensions of millions of people across the UK for political purposes. https://t.co/INTzktyHCI

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Norfolk Fire Service

Head of Norfolk’s fire prevention urges people to ensure fire doors are kept shut as he backs #FireDoorSafetyWeek https://t.co/F4Yf6X9CSY

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Brandon Lewis

After a week of too little excersise, managed a @GoZwift @wattbike session early today. Need to train more For 2018 season, #keentorace

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Norfolk Museums

We're heading into the final week of #NelsonNorfolk @NorwichCastle - don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime display… https://t.co/zZO3PNXkuh

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Tom Newton Dunn

On Brexit's 4 biggest Qs - single market, customs union, free movement and paying for access - Corbyn incapable of a straight answer #Marr

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Brandon Lewis

Shocking that this is needed at all & worrying that no one in Labour seems to want to stop the beviour that require… https://t.co/CpBxNOTbBi

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Brandon Lewis

Congratulations to the team at @uniofeastanglia & @UEA_VC well deserved. https://t.co/aYg1Qx4pv7

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Brandon Lewis

Good to catch up with the brilliant team at Hemsby Lifeboat and to see their exciting... https://t.co/foMVcsFBvp https://t.co/2P6DmdqqsS

Good to catch up with the brilliant team at Hemsby Lifeboat and to see...

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James Cleverly

Corbyn doesn't feel he needs media training any more, suddenly the petulant, aggressive style is back. #Marr https://t.co/QNKSokQeGr

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The Andrew Marr Show

.@DavidDavisMP says the government will not accept the "overarching supremacy" of the ECJ after Britain leaves the… https://t.co/iammyiqdlu

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Brandon Lewis

It is important to discuss mental health issues openly & great to see the discussion on #marr

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Joe Lynam BBC

.@IsabelHardman 's candour on her mental health recovery is refreshing and inspiring for those who suffer #marr

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Brandon Lewis

Since May 2010 we have been committed to delivering over 3 million new apprenticeships.... https://t.co/iCJKI1t3Hw https://t.co/cE4lZybMhg

Since May 2010 we have been committed to delivering over 3 million new...

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Friday 29th - Charity Lunch at Fleggburgh Village Hall 12noon-2pm McMillan Cancer Care. Ploughman's, homemade desserts & cakes & raffle.

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Brandon Lewis

Hope everyone has a great day, super event. Sorry to be missing it this year #Triathlon #HeverCastleTri https://t.co/7WqF8tmhet

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Brandon Lewis

We want EU citizens to stay: from recent @timesredbox https://t.co/8yewbgDpfX

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Gt Yarmouth Council

It's 33% cheaper to recycle items than deal with rubbish in #Norfolk . So the more you #recycle, the less it costs… https://t.co/IMzz2CCw1c

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