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Labour MP for Islington S & Finsbury. Shadow 1st Secretary. Shadow Foreign & Commonwealth Sec.

Islington, London

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Courageous words from @EmilyThornberry at the Labour friends of #Palestine & the Middle East. #Lab17Conference https://t.co/zSpaGRBjvs

Courageous words from @EmilyThornberry at the Labour friends of #Pales...

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The Labour Party

A Labour government will never put our principles up for auction. RT if you agree with @EmilyThornberry#Lab17 https://t.co/3CHWlk8gIu

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A superb stand-up routine from the fab @EmilyThornberry I'm sure you'll agree. Unless you're Boris Johnson. #Lab17 https://t.co/Z8hy0RqFxH

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The Labour Party

ICYMI: today @EmilyThornberry announced the next Labour government will reform the way decisions are made on the ex… https://t.co/VE0G9iZBDJ

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Najaf Raza

So proud of @EmilyThornberry our MP in @IslingtonSouth speaking out against human rights violations ignored by Tori… https://t.co/cGudNEOB0W

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Esther Webber

That Boris Johnson / paternity test joke in full https://t.co/u5EmbLV5BW

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Jeremy Corbyn

"We will be a government that will never put the interests of the rich and powerful above human rights" says… https://t.co/5cbnThZo8y

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Channel 4 News

“It’s more like what we would expect from a rogue dictator.” @EmilyThornberry says President Trump doesn’t believe… https://t.co/78ayI1jGUc

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Labour Left

"We only need to persuade enough people It doesn't have to be this way - if we can - and stay united - we're in pow… https://t.co/AQekGMXLfd

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. @EmilyThornberry supporting Postal Workers #TheCWU #RiseUp 🦁 https://t.co/5PggwA4HDZ

. @EmilyThornberry supporting Postal Workers #TheCWU #RiseUp 🦁 https:/...

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Michael H.

@EmilyThornberry : The Tories say red tape - we say safety, they say red tape, we say workers rights, they say red… https://t.co/eqHYHMlJET

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London-Irish ARC

Great to see @EmilyThornberry supporting @All4Choice in the fight to #trustwomen in NI with free, safe and legal ab… https://t.co/CwvDtU9uUu

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Emily Thornberry

Three incredible new Labour MPs, defying the odds. Watch their stories from the General Election. #Lab17 https://t.co/cbzqlAAvSz

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Sam Rushworth

"We didn't lose (the election). The real losers were the Tories" @EmilyThornberry told Lab NW to rapturous applause from delegates. #Lab17

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Unite the union

#Lab17 fringe >> Sun 24 Sep - 12:30 Real Britain fringe with @Kevin_Maguire @realbritainros @EmilyThornberry & more… https://t.co/WtGBy0vQSA

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Children Society Pol

Great to see constituency MP for our London office @EmilyThornberry collecting local stats #Lab17 https://t.co/vPuhRCi0Zc

Great to see constituency MP for our London office @EmilyThornberry co...

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Amy Jackson

'If we are united behind @jeremycorbyn standing on a radical manifesto, there's no seat we can't win and no Tory we… https://t.co/UbJ7tdMtSK

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Labour Students

Pleased to announce @EmilyThornberry will be a special guest DJ at the Labour Students disco this year! #Lab17… https://t.co/V76QaXbstX

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