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Steve Carp

VGK spokesman on @nateschmidt29 ankle injury severity and if he'll be ready for training camp next month: "We'll know more in a week."

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Aww come on - you need to take better care of our guy. #nateschmidt #caps https://t.co/wmTCRoy0Cm

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Mike Fisher to be honored at Franklin nonprofit Fundraiser https://t.co/up5SZSvDIj

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Jason Barrett

A follow up to my piece on the @GoldenKnights being blackballed. A statement from Tony Perlongo of CBS Las Vegas. N… https://t.co/ZjYZDU3VNl

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Former #caps takes on new #caps Old friends sparing!! .@Latta17 .@smithpelly23 https://t.co/epHO3CBpk4

Former #caps takes on new #caps Old friends sparing!! .@Latta17 .@smit...

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Our deepest sympathy to .@ovi8 & Nastya on the sudden loss of her mother aleksandrovechkinofficial's photo https://t.co/ZZBg4oTubO

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Think you can look at the eclipse for a few seconds without eye protection and be fine? Don't risk it. https://t.co/XuMo4AvYU3

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Ovechkin summer workout #caps https://t.co/uh2vwC7LgE

Ovechkin summer workout #caps https://t.co/uh2vwC7LgE

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Didn't see this one coming. https://t.co/1zxlfwQWOd

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Detroit Red Wings

#RedWings By The Numbers: @GreenLife52's 2016-17 year in review. More: https://t.co/LRET8Seher https://t.co/o8HR5wBWnz

#RedWings By The Numbers: @GreenLife52's 2016-17 year in review.


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Minnesota Wild

📰 Bruce Boudreau's Golden Horseshoe Hockey School has grown, despite early struggles → https://t.co/ngnCsHrHsF https://t.co/rFXHhPYMI3

📰 Bruce Boudreau's Golden Horseshoe Hockey School has grown, despite e...

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Brooks Laich

I hope for a world where diversity is not hated, not merely accepted - but celebrated! That must be our future! #prayforCharlottesville

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A little rain won't stop the fun. There's a dance battle going on between the @WashMystics and the @IndianaFever du… https://t.co/hQqVXntA11

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Senator Tim Kaine

People who came to VA to spew hate & incite violence have no place here. We stand for inclusion and will not go backwards. Praying for peace

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#charlottesvile https://t.co/BUIJFKP6Jx

#charlottesvile https://t.co/BUIJFKP6Jx

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Washington Capitals Statement on the Passing of Bryan Murray: https://t.co/TCjvaEDJzg https://t.co/RrHHV36pvE

Washington Capitals Statement on the Passing of Bryan Murray: https://...

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Ben Raby

Bryan Murray was the longest-tenured & winningest head coach in #Caps history. Sorry to hear of his passing at the… https://t.co/An7Ac5yfoT

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Ottawa Senators

News Release: Former Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray passes away at age 74: https://t.co/LeNZVcTaYw

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Rob Carlin

Sad day for #Caps fans.. Bryan Murray passed away today.. Led franchise to first playoff series win.. Beloved & suc… https://t.co/VadQvsrB7s

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