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Help us build a confident & caring country. Follow our Co-Leaders: @jon_bartley & @carolinelucas. https://t.co/hZ3sOIlF97

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Parliamentary Jobs

✅ Job Role: Regional Liaison Officer ✅ For: @GreenKeithMEP ✅ Based in: #Surrey #Sussex ✅ Apply here:… https://t.co/DWgVQCy2X4

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Green Party

💚💚💚 https://t.co/cDJfsUsKFE

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Zoe Gardner

Your periodic reminder that Caroline is the best MP we have. No contest. She's actually just one of the best people… https://t.co/4JneaY3Pza

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Caroline Lucas

It's time to talk about a wealth tax. Do you agree @johnmcdonnellMP? https://t.co/hAT6p7XkC9

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Caroline Lucas

My piece for @brightonargus: We must speak out more loudly & demand action against ethnic cleansing in Myanmar https://t.co/P8aNbEPoYR

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Jenny Jones

Just had a great time at #PrestonNewRoad with wonderful ppl like Tina who was arrested recently for crossing the rd. https://t.co/3HqZ4CWJWb

Just had a great time at #PrestonNewRoad with wonderful ppl like Tina...

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Young Greens

Our elections are upcoming! More info https://t.co/ZkZOBsHRqY https://t.co/akLs1CCSsB

Our elections are upcoming! More info https://t.co/ZkZOBsHRqY https://...

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Jonathan Bartley

I’d certainly be joining them on the picket lines https://t.co/nOvKRqyjRg

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Green Party

Congratulations to our Green friends in Germany @Die_Gruenen on strong result off the back of a campaign of hope fought against hate

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Richard Williams

Both Labour and Conservatives capitulated to UKIP by failing to make the case for migration says @jon_bartley https://t.co/2dvAy344Co

Both Labour and Conservatives capitulated to UKIP by failing to make t...

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Jonathan Bartley

Great evening, great discussion! https://t.co/hysyd15aPW

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Caroline Lucas

Key win for leadership but shocking blow for democracy #Brexit https://t.co/EMsOORFmor

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Caroline Lucas

It would be incredibly powerful if @jeremycorbyn were to come out in favour of freedom of movement. It's a precious gift to celebrate. #Marr

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Caroline Lucas

To be clear @thegreenparty will support workers on strike, even if draconian Tory law deems them criminal. That's #solidarity #Marr

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Jonathan Bartley

We can stay close to the EU, keep environmental and social protections AND own our own industries- all in the Single Market #Marr

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Green Party

For decent health, homes, jobs & education! We support @pplsassembly #TakeBackMCR anti-austerity demo. 1st October: https://t.co/hEDg46wfF7

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Green Party

We've got a packed #GPConf full of inspiring panels, speeches & people! Get your ticket now ->… https://t.co/9BWTeNLKIU

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Green Party

"Greens are pioneers or we are nothing – and in the coming months we will be bolder and braver than ever before" https://t.co/cX4h2LuNwg

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Jonathan Bartley

We’re still no closer to knowing what kind of Brexit the PM is fantasising about & crucially no long term security for EU nationals

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Jonathan Bartley

How can EU citizens have confidence that UK legal system will guarantee rights when Home Secretary ignores courts over deportation?

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