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Lua na 5: necessidades emocionais ligadas a diversão, prazer. Criativos, podem apreciar tipos de expressão artística e adoram um romance.

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Kara Loo

It's official! Our release date is set for The Royal Romance Book 2! https://t.co/8W28gkfU1B

It's official! Our release date is set for The Royal Romance Book 2! h...

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our generation has lost the value of romance, the value of trust, the value of conversation, sadly small talk is the new deep.

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Author H K Carlton

Short & Spicy! 'It delivered just what it promised—hormones and heat' Now We're Even #NewAdult #erotic #romance… https://t.co/CLK0iyxbLZ

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TheBridal Collection

If romance is what you're looking for, look no further! Maggie Sottero "Phyllis" features intricate patterns of be… https://t.co/eeqvwTpAFt

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Kihyun Philippines

Collaboration with @CrushOn2226 @Darling_Romance @myhamhero1122 @LITTLEPEACH_KH @Maktub_kh @KIHYUN_POIT… https://t.co/fjJDY9sMet

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Top Story: Shine on Hollywood Magazine’s Five-Year Anniversary Special Edition: #Teamwork via @shineonmag… https://t.co/YzE9Dsv3Af

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Based Monitored 🇺🇸

France use to be the land of romance https://t.co/Ge6L8YQTP5

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Raven H. Price

Step out of the usual into the unusual #Christian #Fiction. #Fantasy #Romance with an unexpected kick. #Mustread… https://t.co/6Rra4rapwd

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Tamara Ferguson

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ #1 #ATOP #ROMANCE BESTSELLER A TOUCH OF PASSION @suzannejenkins3 PERFECT FOR HIM USAToday NYTAuthors… https://t.co/jRFMCqJhTj

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K Grubb

It's #IndieThursday! Are you an #indie author? Tell me what you've written! #write #writelife #YA #kindle #kobo #romance

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Ada Brownell

Peach Blossom Rancher #inspiring. Suspenseful historical romance. #cristific.

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Lynn Worton

Add Adapted for Film to your #Goodreads TBR List https://t.co/qX98SCOg94 #NA #Contemporary #Romance @Rourkewrites

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@RealJamesWoods Are we now going to change the romance languages to eliminate gender specific pronouns?EVERYTHING i… https://t.co/o4X9T9vFbh

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A. A

Romance without finance is just dead https://t.co/Cxu2yKJwJv

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Sandro Christopher

a roupa, mas a pele de um romance ... Somos punidos através daquilo que desejamos, sempre -...

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taís sem h.

eu não acredito que chegou a fase da minha vida em que eu não tenho tempo pra romance

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Kaitlyn Booth

[SPOILERS] How Mother! Tries To Pass Off Spousal Abuse As Romance https://t.co/e7SLg3HBbG #Mother

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Sandro Christopher

Um romance é um espelho que se passeia numa longa via ... Quando não se pode fazer o que se deve,...

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Tamara Ferguson

♪♫*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*♫♪ ✨✨✨✨✨✨ Looking for SWEET #Romance? #SWEETANDSASSY 9 #NYT #USAToday Bestselling Authors! #99c #mgtab… https://t.co/bIYMzqdslz

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Carol Rose

He grinned at her now, tugging her away from the wall to balance her unsteady skating with his sure strides https://t.co/Sz2Q1NohOj #Romance

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Kris Bock

A #MFRWHooks for What We Found #Romance and #Mystery https://t.co/1w6eJ5hbDn

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Afsha Khan

Yo! We dont only appreciate the romance or avneil moments but we love all these investigations,plotting-planning n… https://t.co/lxyRtO7CZN

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Indie Author News

HOT NEW RELEASE: Hero Undercover-Breathtaking Bad Boys (by 25 Bestselling Authors) > https://t.co/SvDoXexx7B 5-STAR #MustRead #Romance

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Debra Ullrick

Book2 ~ Rancher’s Daughters series. THE DREAMER & THE COWBOY https://t.co/EAndHnjO8U #inspy #contemporary #romance

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❣❋ heather&moss soap made in our workshop today. Buy our foraged soap on https://t.co/xBiEBFzmRq… https://t.co/WOPyVZlJZp

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#1 omg stan 🌈

"Creo que siempre he crecido solo amando el amor y el romance y la idea de enamorarse" –Camila Que cosita tan linda

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Marissa Garner

💻 Who's hacking the Diablo Beach Nuclear Power Plant? Russia? China? WANTED (FBI Heat🔥) https://t.co/lZD2gHNUJ9… https://t.co/5nEmVzUFfK

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The Ever After Box

Shipping now, our #Regency theme romance bookbox is full of #books by today's top authors and gifts to delight you!… https://t.co/VvPrj9PGQu

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Entertainment Weekly

Riverdale: Season 2's Bughead story line 'might tear some people’s hearts out' https://t.co/9bOews7nnl

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Jackie Ashenden

Romance is not restrictive. All that's required is romance. And an HEA. If you find that restrictive then maybe you shouldn't write it.

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Ashlee Shades

A spell, cast years before, is finally set into motion. And no one will ever be the same again.… https://t.co/0PiK6O8ebD

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Ellie Holmes

The Tregelian Hoard - heart and soul with a dash of danger set in Cornwall now only £1.93 #Romance #Cornwall… https://t.co/GP0nAIABd4

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Natasha Blackthorne

PSYCHOLOGICAL✨#THRILLER #ROMANCE @author_jeff ✨A NOVEL OBSESSION✨ 65~5★Reviews #IARTG #ASMSG https://t.co/9qmvAXbZtL https://t.co/FSv9bEtZu1


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Cat-Cat Romance


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@natsumi_romance わたがしと言えば、関西フレッシュ優勝🏆(たぶん)の コットンキャンディです! オバケ🎃👻と言えば 新人界のモンスター!成ロマ オバケバケツもカワイイと思うけど、あんまり光らなそう https://t.co/CP56rxTwV3

@natsumi_romance わたがしと言えば、関西フレッシュ優勝🏆(たぶん)の コットンキャンディです!

オバケ🎃👻と言えば 新人界...

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Вадим Петров

cartoon network porno chubby porn romance porn japanese squirt ebony amateur https://t.co/0WtnnwgWi0

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Anti Art Universe

Or wait let's talk about romance. How often do you see women making romantic gestures as big as men make , if any at all?

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S A I M A💁

Other ppl just enjoying Leads romance... But In NK is different i enjoying other part also That Neil investigations scene+Neil Guruma tlks+

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