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NASA's page for updates from the International Space Station, the world-class lab orbiting Earth 250 miles above. For the latest research, follow @ISS_Research.

Low Earth Orbit

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Vice President Pence

Proud to deliver message from @POTUS to our 3 courageous astronauts aboard the @Space_Station. We admire and apprec… https://t.co/e7xyzdWJf5

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Intl. Space Station

"Literally and figuratively, we all look up to you." - @VP Pence on talking to astronauts aboard the space station… https://t.co/oonaGKKJui

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Intl. Space Station

During visit to @NASA_Marshall, @VP Pence asks astronauts aboard space station: What advice would you have to young… https://t.co/IgF9DpLjL9

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Intl. Space Station

.@VP Mike Pence visits @NASA_Marshall and makes "most long distance call" he's ever made to @NASA_astronauts in spa… https://t.co/rgUB4MiUFH

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NASA Marshall

🇺🇸 @VP tours the Payload Operations Integration Center at #NASAMarshall where we oversee science experiments on… https://t.co/x0NhwzPZCa

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Get an update on 21st century space exploration & hear from @Space_Station astronauts w/ @VP Pence at 5:30pm ET:… https://t.co/2rTI3xU0J4

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Intl. Space Station

Crew tests new exercise device, explores how humans adapt to space and gears up for three October spacewalks.… https://t.co/61EV83Ume8

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ISS Research

Space radiation is risky business for humans. Learn how NASA protects astronauts: https://t.co/fFNTM1BCzm https://t.co/P1yykXLrsc

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Intl. Space Station

California native, former teacher and Peace Corps vet @AstroAcaba shares five things you didn't about know about hi… https://t.co/cJibuIDf92

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Randy Bresnik

#Science is beautiful! The aurora is an incredible light show caused by collisions between gaseous particles with c… https://t.co/PevkcbPvz5

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Intl. Space Station

Time-lapse video from Sept. 15 of an aurora above Canada begins over California coast, to North Dakota then on to… https://t.co/yvtg14ZjFS

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Intl. Space Station

Time-lapse video from Sept. 14 takes us from Africa, across Italy and out over the border between Russia and Kazakh… https://t.co/UQwi4lmN3L

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Intl. Space Station

After releasing the @SpaceX #Dragon, the crew now turns its attention to three upcoming spacewalks in October.… https://t.co/8B8T0xS3eT

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Intl. Space Station

Exp 53 crew is getting ready for spacewalks while helping scientists understand what space does to the body.… https://t.co/6tM0fhZx3R

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Randy Bresnik

The medieval fortress city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. #OneWorldManyViews https://t.co/XhWy1JslUC

The medieval fortress city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.  #OneWorldManyViews...

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Randy Bresnik

Far too many times this year we’ve been looking into the eye of monsters, Puerto Rico we look forward to seeing you… https://t.co/VqeGmXODZj

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Randy Bresnik

#Maria, another hurricane huge on the horizon, amazing cloud formations radiating out as we speed by on… https://t.co/2D5B83F6Kt

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ISS Research

How transparent fish could help scientists develop effective ways to prevent bone density loss in space & on Earth:… https://t.co/xlAhQ3o9JE

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