Laughing makes things soooooooo much better even at yourself ! Love sport and most of all 'LOVE' my family and friends 💕💕💕 Let the Banter commence 🤗

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Emily's Journey 🎗️

Emilys parents said this is the first summer they have seen her REALLY enjoying herself, since she became poorly..… https://t.co/SM6vTKewoi

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Night Twitter land Tis film night with the better half ! dream sweetly 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😘

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The Offside Trust

Plenty of @OffsideTrust swag ready to buy at the big game on Sunday @CurzonAshton Come along and support the cause… https://t.co/P9PPLnnhO0

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I have an icky crush on phelan as a nice man quick bring back the baddie #corrie

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