Lyn Gardner writes about theatre for The Guardian and The Stage. Her novels for children include the Olivia stage school and Rose Campion series, both @nosycrow

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Ali Taylor

Thanks @theatre503 @bushtheatre @gatetheatre for the support & for spreading the word about tomorrow's special show… https://t.co/Ao5iohllah

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We're Still Here 4 star review @guardian – "a blast of anger, love and grief in Port Talbot" @lyngardner… https://t.co/8sJNCD6Wlt

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Theatre and Dance

"The biggest platform for creative freedom on the planet” What's the future for European theatre at #Edfringe?… https://t.co/l966gRy3oA

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Weirdos, I need help spreading word of this to folk in Manchester, Leeds, Peterborough, Folkestone + Brighton 💙 https://t.co/wnwhKmjJHf

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Soapbox: The show mustn’t go on in the face of terrible treatment from the top https://t.co/0suVa3PJuN via @TheStage

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Theatre and Dance

.@Summerhallery "is one of the tightest theatre networking spaces in the world" Can #Edfringe stay open to Europe?… https://t.co/s5vfyD0VuD

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National Circus

Applications are open for Lab:time² at @TheOakCircus until 13 November. Read about recent Lab:time projects over on… https://t.co/6rAsvEwaKR

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Jo Clifford

There is a serious attempt to ban one of my plays in Brazil. Please retweet if you care about freedom of speech https://t.co/ExoX87zhj7

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Bullish review – gold horns and glitter beards in minotaur cabaret https://t.co/gA0kFl5gt7

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The Unknown Island review – Saramago odyssey asks the audience to dream https://t.co/OmXJ8c72EE

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Next episode of #W1A... https://t.co/xwKOaJsH65

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Rules for Living review – ingenious take on a family's Christmas crisis https://t.co/EYTyhrG36N

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Theatre and Dance

How does theatre respond to politics? Check out @lyngardner's #cultureafterbrexit series: https://t.co/iIgLYzjSN4 https://t.co/hohZSVW6Pl

How does theatre respond to politics? Check out @lyngardner's #culture...

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the belfast ensemble

@lyngardner great new work happening in Belfast, Lyn. Fancy a visit? Please RT!!! New directions in music theatre https://t.co/tvvb59W3G3

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Matt Trueman

Don't forget that @TheatreVoices relaunched last week. The great Peter Brook argues that the empty space needs a re… https://t.co/7dFs2DkV1Z

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Talawa Theatre Co

Pls Share: Calling emerging Black artists. We are now accepting applications for Studio Firsts autumn 2017:… https://t.co/OZ65BxVLDm

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Cardboard Citizens

Join us for a free performance of #Cathy @AcklamVillage this Thu eve in solidarity of #Grenfell tragedy. More here https://t.co/Kg7sov1xd9

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