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Jack Nicklaus

Seven years later, I still get a kick out of watching this moment shared with my good friends Johnny Miller, Arnold… https://t.co/zPOQB1wgob

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You Had One Job

Jim's impression of Dwight is my favorite thing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/UiCYRcxHu9

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Mark Pederson

Kudos to @IntegraTire in Regina for fixing my low tire and getting me on my way.

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Tim and Sid

Marcus Stroman is every Jays fan watching this game right now... https://t.co/nuPFpx3ItA

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Mark Pederson

Watching Joey Votto hit is a thing of beauty. #Reds #MLB

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A lot of damage done from last night E of outlook Pivots upside down, power poles busted, bins tipped over, crops h… https://t.co/Ju88rAmR7C

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Mark Pederson

This is lake life... https://t.co/Ey9MOCj9GO

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Mark Pederson

Entered the land of @RobertWiesehan. You live in a hot and humid place my friend. Got pics of the Gateway Arch today.

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Mark Pederson

Crossed an item off my bucket list going to Wrigley Field. #awesome #Cubs https://t.co/P3Z1zE2ZiY

Crossed an item off my bucket list going to Wrigley Field. #awesome #C...

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