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Im posting this again because sometimes we all need to be reminded https://t.co/wJnpZO60xh

Im posting this again because sometimes we all need to be reminded htt...

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Anne Frank Center

ANTISEMITIC FACT CHECK. @POTUS said: "The night before they were protesting very quietly." Reality: The chant was "Jew will not replace us."

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Michael Sainato

Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution Is Gaining Ground https://t.co/QoblkEpREX

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Jake Tapper

Why is @IronStache refusing to debate fellow Democrat @CathyMyersWI? Premature to demand to debate @SpeakerRyan. https://t.co/bGWihzWMPo

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Jake Tapper

Hey @NARAL are you even aware @CathyMyersWI is also running against @SpeakerRyan? https://t.co/WKpMFi23AG

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RoseAnn DeMoro

.@evepeyser: It's disingenuous to assert that disliking Centrist Dems makes one an unhinged extremist #FridayFeeling https://t.co/WxhD4ZUGNl

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Peter Douche

#FridayFeeling Being added to an alt-left list called "The Real Left" is both an honor and a hate crime.… https://t.co/Xo18Yva6n2

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Our friend @Wade_Turnbull is being attacked & lied abt by strange acct. please report his harasser, thank you!… https://t.co/ATKmf2qiff

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Trump fired #Bannon to free him up to run #altright media w/o being attached directly to WhiteHouse! It's part of the plan! #FridayFeeling 👀

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🌹Pat the Berner

If you think Dem leadership actually supports single-payer, you're naive. Here's what happened when they had a chan… https://t.co/NTA9BsQ6YS

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Bernie Sanders

The problem was never just Steve Bannon. It was and always will be Donald Trump. https://t.co/cTBqwdwZUW

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At this point it's obvious @browardpolitics & @SunSentinel are just an arm of propaganda for @DWStweets 😡 #BadDem… https://t.co/lq0WOQ2BwC

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🌹Pat the Berner

Steve Bannon is out. Next let's fire the worst Dem, then worst GOP, Dem, GOP, Dem, etc. Rinse+repeat until clean(er… https://t.co/YMlrcYNZQN

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Peter Douche

@AnnOlivarius God I love Hillary supporters. Nothing beats the non-apology apology. #OwnedTogether #ShillWithHer

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Steve Bannon OUT! But @realDonaldTrump still IN... At least Donny's finally draining the swamp ;) #FridayFeeling https://t.co/NLYQeurXTJ

Steve Bannon OUT!
But @realDonaldTrump still IN...
At least Donny's fi...

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Portia A. Boulger

.@MariaChappelleN PLEASE do not resign. So grateful to get to meet you & have a for real conversation at #nn17 Ferg… https://t.co/MjZFwbQ4Bt

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Tom & Lorenzo

Love Tina Fey, but I'm REALLY not feeling her "Ignore racism and stress-eat instead" take. It strikes me as willfully naive and privileged.

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