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Senior Writer @Shareblue. Previously @mmfa. These are my opinions. I dispense pep talks + tongue lashings. https://t.co/q7JMFdCl9l

Takoma Park, MD

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Oliver Willis

if u need a pick me up i have a thread with puppies from yesterday. enjoy. https://t.co/0915imWEml

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well done, everyone. https://t.co/p6yNmPRFWP

well done, everyone. https://t.co/p6yNmPRFWP

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Oliver Willis

happy to support human equality and tearing down monuments to slavery defenders if it doesnt earn a single democratic vote.

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Oliver Willis

ah you knew it was coming. "democrats on shaky ground being anti-nazi/kkk/slavery" https://t.co/y3GNsI8ZCT

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Oliver Willis

actual bulls, not the drink, for sure. https://t.co/mTe0nrfUig

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Tom Brennan

"Who cares if you beat Balrog, there's still Vega, Sagat and M.Bison. Let's just quit."-how I assume half of Twitter played Street Fighter.

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Oliver Willis

lotta ppl rt'd this. its the core of what trump is saying and arguing https://t.co/4iVoIkSqQg

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Oliver Willis

Trump loses it, says the whole world abandoning him was his idea all along https://t.co/iWNU1IPVD4 via @shareblue

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Oliver Willis

trump should #firegorka https://t.co/6gPY0OKqJO

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Oliver Willis

i understand donald trump well because i too was once an 11 year old boy

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Oliver Willis

"also my girlfriend is a model from europe who likes to do it all the time you wouldnt know her though she goes to… https://t.co/rAlmlna7v7

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Thomas Bishop

This is my life in one tweet https://t.co/qlvu4wy40n

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Andrew Lawrence

Now stay tuned for our reporting on Clinton emails https://t.co/RhSAV58x0i

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Oliver Willis

CUT TO THE WHITE HOUSE "ok mr gorka, what would you say you do here?" https://t.co/NVAV1Ubr7H

'ok mr gorka, what would you say you do here?'...

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Oliver Willis

Bannon rushes to dangerous new far-right propaganda site to spin his firing https://t.co/uGlDM9yyZ5 via @shareblue

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Oliver Willis

trump has no compassion. other presidents had it (obama, clinton) or knew how to fake it (w). he cant https://t.co/W7xaRTuY0C

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