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Mike Levin

These are not 'very fine people'. #NoTwoSides https://t.co/jseqLuwgqY

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Rep. Eric Swalwell

Every consumer should ask: where did these companies stand when @realDonaldTrump stoked white supremacy? Did they s… https://t.co/9pcJtKsIX1

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Richard W. Painter

Anyone associated with the Alt Right should never hold public office. Alt Right is fascism in its purest form. https://t.co/wrm5diJE93

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Amy Siskind

Remember, the number of tweets Trump sends are inversely correlated to how good he feels about how he's doing. 8 tweets so far today.

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David Corn

Today would be a good day for @realDonaldTrump to release his tax returns.

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Scott Dworkin

ROLL CALL: Retweet if you're a proud member of #TheResistance-Now let's keep #ImpeachTrump trending at #1!

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J.K. Rowling

One good thing about that abomination of a speech: it's now impossible for any Trump supporter to pretend they don't know what he is.

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Seth Abramson

If you find a Confederate who held no slaves, opposed slavery, fired no shots, and saved 100 Union POWs from torture, fine, put up a statue.

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Chris Murphy

FYI, after today, White House staff have effectively been folded into the white supremacy propaganda operation. Your choice - stay or go.

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Seth Abramson

Confederate statues are suitable for Civil War museums—but if you lose a war fighting for a bad cause, you don't get to be in a public park.

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Ted Lieu

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Yes there were both sides in #Charlottesville. The Nazi side & the side opposing the Nazis.… https://t.co/OA4wzOf7bz

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Seth Abramson

If you say we "need" Confederate statues on public lawns for us to remember history, you must think we "need" Hitler statues to recall WWII.

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Ana Navarro

I'm so disgusted and appalled by Trump, I've run out of words to describe him. I repeat, UNFIT to be President of the US. UNFIT to be human.

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Eric Holder

This is a time to choose sides-simple as that. Who do you stand with? What do you truly value? There is a right side and an immoral one.

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Mika Brzezinski

Is it time? #25thamendment #GodBlessAmerica

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Ted Lieu

Rant by @realDonaldTrump defending Nazis & comparing George Washington to Confederate leaders shocks the conscience… https://t.co/SZWOP67HAq

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Brian Schatz

There has to be room for people of all political stripes among the coalition of the sane. We all need to take our country back together.

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Preet Bharara

"Very fine people on both sides." - @realDonaldTrump

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President Trump: 'Both sides' to blame for Charlottesville violence https://t.co/wxi6P1SyBH

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Amy Siskind

*Trump's "us" - KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacist. *rest-American women, PoC, LGBT, Muslims, Jews, decent white ppl. Which side r u on @GOP?

3 days ago / 1121 Retweets / 2052 Likes


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