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The latest news, photos and plant updates from the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. We're here Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or for urgent issues 24/7 on 0419 270 279 #RBGSydney

Sydney, New South Wales

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Royal Botanic Garden

The Spring Walk turns 162 this year & is a Must See highlight! Share your photos with #MustSeeRBG and you could win… https://t.co/dz5RdyriUf

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Art Gallery of NSW

Join @RBGSydney's Margaret Preston walking tour this Saturday & discover the plants that influenced her work… https://t.co/tupUFCmauZ

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Royal Botanic Garden

Fortune’s Plum Yew is native to Burma & China, its unusual name inspired by female plant fruit #MustSeeRBG Sept com… https://t.co/ncs5aMnnRG

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Brett Summerell

Ed Liew from @RBGSydney explaining species concept minefields in Fusarium taxonomy at Fusarium workshop - part of… https://t.co/5FueZr1Chj

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Royal Botanic Garden

Wisteria species are stunning in the Oriental Garden! Tag #RBGSydney & #MustSeeRBG & you could win!… https://t.co/am9TXxkdnw

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Fizzics Education

Science you can learn in a visit to @RBGSydney https://t.co/dOf44NAB95 #STEM #kids #outdoors https://t.co/scCbfAYnBo

Science you can learn in a visit to @RBGSydney

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Royal Botanic Garden

Duabanga grandiflora is on Sept’s #MustSeeRBG walk. Share your photos and you could win @LostPicnic tickets!… https://t.co/4kn1Ah0gXC

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Royal Botanic Garden

No plans for school hols yet? No worries! @ellaslist have plenty of ideas at #RBGSydney to keep the kids entertaine… https://t.co/2HwYm4X07D

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Royal Botanic Garden

Our #plantofthemonth is Alloxylon fammeum! Share your photos from Must See Sept using #MustSeeRBG and you could win… https://t.co/lMFVnI3BZQ

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Royal Botanic Garden

Kids will explore exotic plants & take home a tiny Dragon Tree at Hunters & Collectors these spring school holidays… https://t.co/2rsGQXqWzN

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Royal Botanic Garden

Tickets to our 4 amazing NYE events at #RBGSydney are now on-sale! Secure your tickets before they fly out the door… https://t.co/scJMdjG5Zx

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Royal Botanic Garden

Tonight 6pm: Free talk “Evolution of Oz songbirds” by Dr Jacqueline Nguyen of @Ausmus. All welcome at #RBGSydney in… https://t.co/vvipn3hN8x

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Jimmy Turner

In love with the trailing 'Cool Wave' pansies from @PanAmSeed Using them for these huge baskets @RBGSydney They jus… https://t.co/IweSf70MxM

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Peter Dawe

#CanleyHeightPS making a start on their new #outdoorlearningspace #youthcommunitygreening @RBGSydney https://t.co/i6PWIsY2ra

#CanleyHeightPS making a start on their new #outdoorlearningspace #you...

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Royal Botanic Garden

Yarr, today is #TalkLikeAPirateDay! Join Sammy the Sailor & Mermaid Shellie on a school hols adventure 25-29 Sept… https://t.co/PDHYAxy3LD

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Jimmy Turner

@Foxysbitsandbob @BlueMtnsBG @GregBourke3 @dale_dixon @RBGSydney @amy_jozing No one has a brown thumb! I've killed… https://t.co/KHs7CJaafW

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