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Sports Illustrated

We couldn’t fit every great player onto our preseason All-America teams https://t.co/3ga78SltH2

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Sports Illustrated

Nine home runs so far the game is in the fifth inning... https://t.co/CWyyp2TE7v https://t.co/X2H9AcRPNE

Nine home runs so far 

the game is in the fifth inning... https://t.c...

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Sports Illustrated

Terry Francona brought in a DJ and a Pop-A-Shot to help the Tribe relax before the opening game vs. Kansas City https://t.co/rUr6s4u1N8

Terry Francona brought in a DJ and a Pop-A-Shot to help the Tribe rela...

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Sports Illustrated

Former Texas QB Chris Simms says he would get a '$100 handshake' from boosters for autographing items https://t.co/NkIux8TsVP

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Pedro Martinez came out of retirement to pitch for a good cause and he still throws heat https://t.co/LZJ7piPlFc

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Sports Illustrated

John Wall speaks at length about Charlottesville https://t.co/hr8gIZwU6S https://t.co/94GcDfklLr

John Wall speaks at length about Charlottesville https://t.co/hr8gIZwU...

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Why @jeremywoo thinks Marvin Bagley III could be the 2018 NBA draft's prized jewel https://t.co/hem5ltlbNx https://t.co/PSewbwGzXi

Why @jeremywoo thinks Marvin Bagley III could be the 2018 NBA draft's...

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Sports Illustrated

Packers' Martellus Bennett dedicates his first political cartoon to 'those willing to risk it all to promote change' https://t.co/g8K9Sem3EH

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Sports Illustrated

KD was not happy to be part of a school lesson https://t.co/C5E86XUTgX

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Sports Illustrated

Justin Upton just wants to make sure 😂https://t.co/PXRL1PXKiO

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Sports Illustrated

Range life https://t.co/FnkmQpqp3o

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🎧: New Open Floor! @BenGolliver breaks down which NBA coaches and GMs are on the hot seat entering this season? https://t.co/VVz22p15sY

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Sports Illustrated

The Cubs dodged a bullet with Jon Lester’s injury https://t.co/39mZKVtQBy

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Sports Illustrated

Still a little too excited of robbing Mike Trout of a hit https://t.co/UzmBp1Q8mj

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Sports Illustrated

The Human Spirit is gone, but a new direction beckons. @TimHowardGK on Colorado's necessary pivot (by @brianstraus) https://t.co/ZHJXiZAWA2

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Sports Illustrated

Martellus Bennett posts his 'first political cartoon' dedicated to 'athletes using their platform to promote change… https://t.co/xIHxcsbPQV

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Sports Illustrated

Nats ace Max Scherzer scratched from Friday's start vs. Padres due to neck injury https://t.co/Mxz6Cyw90d

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Sports Illustrated

'I don’t think you deserve a medal for making a simple gesture' — Chris Long on his support of Malcolm Jenkins https://t.co/jdMbd7vXvh

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From Chargers camp, @AlbertBreer talks to Ex-Charger @hardwina about the mindset of San Diegans, post-move.… https://t.co/y5vvtz9hRH

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Sports Illustrated

Houston’s problem is starting pitching. Here are some options for the Astros https://t.co/xJmMqYtjyl

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