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Founded by the @splcenter, we are dedicated to creating equitable school experiences for students and supporting educators.

Montgomery, AL

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“Once you hear someone else’s story, it’s harder for you to hurt them.” https://t.co/1XsyrVM4Mg @Tolerance_org @MonitaB_TT @edutalkradio

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Teaching Tolerance

Join TT, the @AFTunion, @ADL_National and @facinghistory as we share resources for teaching during these times.… https://t.co/wpDMJmLDuO

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Teaching Tolerance

This teacher suggests a "now-based curriculum" to help students understand and act against current injustices.… https://t.co/MdCp9mXd6h

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Teaching Tolerance

The 19th Amendment was ratified #onthisday in 1920. Click "Teach This" to explore this history with your students.… https://t.co/irx5k9Hi8F

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Teaching Tolerance

"But what about antifa?" How to address #Charlottesville, counter-protesters and false equivalence in the classroom… https://t.co/iKoM3wBk81

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Nancy Steineke

Thnx @Tolerance_org for revealing why Ts avoid "hard conversations." Many Ts DO NOT feel supported by admins.… https://t.co/YGMl5Blzif

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Teaching Tolerance

We know school climate can suffer after incidents of hate and bigotry. These resources can help.… https://t.co/hR7rs2COXP

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Dale Beran

I'm quoted in this good article by @Tolerance_org on how teachers might deradicalize kids drifting to the alt-right: https://t.co/f4rpIVU5So

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Teaching Tolerance

About 1,000 Los Angeles high schoolers will talk civic engagement today with #Hamilton's @Lin_Manuel. https://t.co/L87cMLPAAl

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Expert answers to shut down hate. Webinar 8.22.17 6PM EST w/@Tolerance_org, @facinghistory, @ADL_Education & @AFT… https://t.co/iMoMwit7Y2

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Jose Vilson

@lndeutsch @LindseyOwn @atkauffman @knowKMD @Learn21Tech @timidstone @lyokana59 @ncolefarrell @msjlura… https://t.co/ivwSyL8KpQ

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Jose Vilson

@lndeutsch @LindseyOwn @atkauffman @knowKMD @Learn21Tech @timidstone @lyokana59 @ncolefarrell @msjlura… https://t.co/nARgL7I0jj

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Jose Vilson

@lndeutsch @LindseyOwn @atkauffman @knowKMD @Learn21Tech @timidstone @lyokana59 @ncolefarrell @msjlura… https://t.co/ZOnttC8nQx

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mel katz

We will definitely be using resources from @Tolerance_org and @splcenter! https://t.co/hA37ThPRcn

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Teaching Tolerance

We want to know: If you're in school, what are your students asking you about #Charlottesville? https://t.co/4BhlCtfqnE

We want to know: If you're in school, what are your students asking yo...

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Teaching Tolerance

After #Charlottesville, this teacher isn't doing yet another lesson about racism. Here's what she's doing instead.… https://t.co/woz97MKFfi

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Teaching Tolerance

"Girls need to know there's a doctoral-level genius behind the blaster-wielding character." https://t.co/VSZlLRMCCl

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Teaching Tolerance

Meet a school district that affirmed #BlackLivesMatter—and learn how you can too. https://t.co/xT0LvXf2Wl https://t.co/nMtKnTbgzj

Meet a school district that affirmed #BlackLivesMatter—and learn how y...

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